Fissler Frying Pan - Black

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Product overview

Is your fry pan consuming too much oil and most importantly, your energy and time? Are you looking for an everyday use pan that will make you prepare delicacies with ease? Then it is time to welcome home the Fissler Frying Pan - Black. It is extremely lightweight and durable and lets you toss ingredients in style and comfort - just like a chef!


  • The protect emax comfort fry pan requires less oil to help you stay healthy, heats up quickly and distributes heat uniformly so you can enjoy perfectly cooked meals in no time.
  • The protectal-plus non-stick sealing prevents the ingredients from sticking to the base, while the easy-to-clean enamel coat on the outside makes cleaning a breeze.
  • This aluminium frying pan will lie flat on almost all cooking surfaces and is compatible with a range of stoves, like the glass ceramic top, thanks to the thermotech base.
  • Not to mention, this non-stick frying pan also comes with an integrated scale to measure liquids, thus eliminating the need to weigh them before you start cooking.
  • Loaded with an array of other practical features like a long handle to resist heat while cooking and broad pouring rim to dispense contents without dripping, this pan lets you enjoy comfort and convenience in one. Why wait for? Shop frying pan online at Jashanmal and cook like a pro!

Product specifications:

  • Brand: Fissler
  • Type: Pan
  • Model Number: 146-303-28-100/0
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Diameter: 28cm
  • Product Weight: 1.158 kg
  • Series or Collection Name: Emax

What’s in the box:

1 x Fissler Protect Emax Comfort Fry Pan

Founded in 1845, Fissler is the best manufacturer of cookware which makes cooking simple and effortless. With years of experience and passion, Fissler has managed to find its way in every kitchen. It uses the latest tools and techniques to develop innovative and durable products like pots, pressure cookers, knives and much more. Buy aluminium frying pan online from Jashanmal and enjoy thorough cooking results.