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Just like drinking from a rim of a glass without drips.
Learning to drink is a process that begins during weaning: it takes time, it evolves slowly, according to the development of each child who will pass from sucking, typical of breastfeeding, to the ability to drink independently, using new tools such as cups .
The steps to get to drink alone need to be addressed gradually. It is important that the cup chosen for the child is appropriate for him, in terms of weight, size, shape and is captivating to attract curiosity.
Chicco cups have been designed with expert speech therapists to guide the child in a simple and natural way in the transition from simple sucking to the ability to swallow, both food and drink.
Facilitates lip positioning as around the edge of a glass: From 12 months, the baby learns to regulate the flow during drinking, coordinating breathing and swallowing. The Easy cup facilitates lip positioning as around the edge of a glass thanks to the thin bite-resistant spout.
Resistant: Thin rim-like spout allows the child to learn how to tighten the lips to drink from the glass; Durable spout will bite you.
Ergonomic: Ergonomic shape to leave room for the baby's nose and favor the correct positioning of the lips and neck.
Easy sips valve: Innovative Removable Easy Sips Valve, patented to ensure the drip-free seal of the cup without compromising the ease of drinking of the child, both with and without valve.

Thin nozzle
Patent spill-proof system
BPA free and non-toxic
Resistant to bites
Bite resistant hard-rim spout
Child-safe and durable material
Ergonomic shape to leave room for the baby's nose
Anti-drip system
Cover for hygienic storage and transportation
Suitable for children from 12 age
Color /design may vary