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Baby Market is a bilingual role play activity center with electronic & mechanical activities. Child pretends to go shopping, weighing vegetables or fruit and presses the screen to hear the bilingual phrases. Quiz play mode makes it even more fun to learn names, colors and recepes in 2 languages.

Chicco offers a range of fun and safe products, suitable for responding to the needs of children, stimulating their aptitudes, accompanying them through the different stages of their growth.

The bilingual Baby Market Chicco Activity Center promotes the learning of foreign languages ??and stimulates the development of cognitive skills. With electronic and mechanical activities, the bilingual Baby Market Chicco activity center teaches your child the names of fruits and vegetables in different languages, a fun way to learn while shopping.

Thanks to colored buttons and interactive quizzes, the bilingual Chicco Baby Market activity center allows you to play and listen to over 75 phrases, words, sounds and songs.

It includes:
• 5 realistic foods and a shopping bag to stimulate role play
• A scanner with real lights and sounds for weighing food
• Luminous roller: A roller with led light and pop-up effect ticket to have fun learning more than 75 words, phrases and songs
• Contents in Italian and English: Bilingual content on fruits, vegetables, colors, recipes and phrases to play grocery shopping.