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An intergenerational game in the form of wooden cubes that facilitates the learning of writing in Arabic by manipulating the letters of the alphabet in all their forms.

Thanks to Arabicubes, the child can: – identify the letters and better understand their different forms of writing (at the beginning, middle or end of the word), – really compose words thanks to our many pieces, 48! – read more easily the words written in Arabic thanks to the elements of the vocalization in the form of “half cube”, that you can position below and above the letters, – to manipulate the very light cubes in linden wood, adapted to the size Small hands and discover arabesque patterns. 42 cubes of 35x35x35mm with letters and 6 “half cubes” of 17x35x35mm with accents.

Material: solid wood screen printed on 6 sides. Manual: printed on the back of the box in Arabic, French and English. 1.32 kg


Format: Cubes
Language: Arabic
ISBN-13: 3770007079008
ISBN: 0007079001
Publisher: Daradam